Skyscraper Beekeeping(C)
Skyscraper Beekeeping(C) began a
long time ago when I first meet
Alex Bzenko and his father.
I remember the first time that I got
to go Into there apiaries and was
astonished to see 20-30 hives all
in one place and they were
 five deeps three
mediums and two shallows tall.
And Thought these looked like
skyscrapers. I had been in a lot of
yards but never seen anything like
what was done here. And I thought
well you guys are full of you know
what so I got a ladder and climbed
to the top of one of the hives and
almost fell off the ladder. The
hives were full to the top with
honey. Al and his father average
yield was  400 lbs. I found out later
there were other Honey Producers
Ray Buell, Al Tennenhouse,
Dan Guthrie, Merijohn Doumanian
and many more.
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Tired of losing your bees and clean up
We have lost 10 % or less over 9 years
Since 1980
Photo by Dennis Holly
Photo by Dennis Holly
S. Bzenko & Son
Photo by Dennis Holly(C)